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Reinier Bosman about Presence

Would you like to feel a sense of safety, confidence and clarity all the time, even when things are not going the way you want them to? There is more to life. A better solution. No longer do you have to “cope” with the effects of stress. “Presence” is a solution to all dilemmas.

Presence gave me a new mode of life. When I realized that I was in Presence I saw that emotions and thoughts no longer had a grip on me. I realized that I would never again need to feel I was a victim of others.

Presence offers freedom from the struggles of life.  ”Presence” does not change the realities of life, but allows you to maintain inner peace in the midst of life’s challenges.

Presence 4 Life has created an easy, effective and repeatable method for entering “Presence”. Presence 4 Life organizes direct experiences of Presence and courses so you can learn Presence yourself. “Presence” has the possibility to live in that peaceful state all the time.


What is “Presence”?

  • “Presence” is being the very essence of what you really are. Without the masks, in your full potential. Knowing that you have arrived home. Presence is the quality that increases the quantity of your life.
  • “Presence” is a state of inner calm where the mind has significantly less chatter and chaotic thoughts. In fact, experience has shown that when people enter “Presence”, negative thoughts transform into uplifting, productive, life supportive thoughts.
  • Everyone has challenges in life and at work. Unforeseeable events can and often do occur, how you respond to these events is what matters most.
  • “Presence” allows you to be in a state of “witnessing”, where it is as if you are watching the event like a movie, you have some breathing room from the event, some distance, instead of being mired in the drama of it. This is helpful in being able to respond, be response-able instead of reacting to the event. It allows you to remain in contact with your core, your own inner plan, as necessary adjusting it, and no longer be swept here and there by external forces.
  • Can you see how this is most helpful in a business meeting? Or when you are interacting with your children or spouse?
  • “Presence” is increased awareness, it helps you to see life clearly, for what it really is, what is actually going on. From this place of inner clarity you are better able to navigate through life’s challenges with ease.
  • “Presence” often is similar to a state of flow (as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). You know those times where everything is flowing along effortlessly, almost like it is happening all by itself? This is living a successful life. Imagine having an easy way to enter the flow at will, at any moment? “Presence” can get you there. Presence can enhance the flow of the individual, and also of a group.
  • Because people who experience “Presence” are more aware of what they want, there is a feeling of fulfillment, there is more purpose in your actions, there is more knowing what to do. There is more authenticity, and also a feeling, an awareness of being safe under any circumstance.

Presence Experience. During 1,5 to 2,5 hours you have an experience of Presence. We uncover some of its amazing qualities, there is room for questions. Best of it all is that the Presence state often remains for several hours or days after the session!

Presence Facilitator Course. This 2-day course teaches individuals how to enter Presence and how to share Presence with another. Come enjoy two days of effortlessly silencing the mind and experiencing Presence as your natural state of being. “When you’ve got it, you can give it”.

Advanced Presence Course: The Advanced Presence course helps to make the mind-body system more conducive to maintaining rather than sabotaging the state of Presence. It includes cultivating purpose, authenticity, and living in Presence. It exercises how one can live from the core level as a valuable addition to living from the mind level.

Reinier Bosman,
Founder and original trainer of Presence




What others say

“After taking the Presence Facilitator Course, I noticed I had more focus and was able to improve the quality of my decisions in trading the markets and my ability to implement them, which is even more important!”
–  Chris Boon, Dutch Investor Team

“After 1 day experience with Presence I experienced a feeling of wellbeing that I haven’t had in years. When I came home it seemed that my partner suddenly had become just as attractive as she had been in the beginning of our relation.”
– Paul van Aarle, Entrepreneur

“I used to struggle with emotional and physical stress.
Then I learned to be aware of upcoming stress and remain present.
With Presence I reach this  in a second!”
– Nina Miog, Business trainer

“The Presence method worked strongly and (after one week) still works. The cause of internal conversation is dissolved, my mind is peaceful and quiet.”
– Jan van Heiningen, Ministry of Transport

“After one day in Presence, Presence was permanent for me. That is for over one year now. I am very grateful. For me it was a revelation. Worrying, being stuck in my mind? That’s gone.”
– Niko Milojevic, Business consultant

“After the Presence course I had a great moment with my children who are 2 and 3 years old: I was able to connect with them, on a totally deep level. Amazing!” – Petra Lanphen

“I didn’t have to do anything to go into Presence. Very, very powerful, and effortless. Presence put me in a happy state which usually takes me a lot longer, and discipline.”
– Fabian Kochendorfer, Artist and entrepreneur, Berlin

“My mind used to not like anything and want to change it all.  Now with Presence, life is just fun, no matter what happens”.
– Sijtje Jansen, Personal and business coach


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