The Presence for Life Program

The Presence is a profound state of inner silence, discovered and developed by Reinier Bosman. Unlike other techniques the Presence is highly robust against disturbance. It can be activated at any moment, under any circumstance, including in loud, crowded or stressful situations. It prolongs without requiring attention, even in conversation or at work.

Presence for Life offers the following courses: Presence Practitioner, Facilitator, Advanced & Trainer. In addition to the trainings an individual Coaching trajectory can be followed, or to really make Presence your lifestyle, there is the Presence Academy.

Practitioner Course (PPC)

Learn how to master the Presence yourself.
For a few minutes in the morning, remain in the Presence every day.

You learn 4 portals which allow you to enter the Presence state of inner silence all by yourself, at any desired moment.

Several techniques, insights and a model are taught to circumvene any blockages to enter.

All techniques are practiced extensively. You will experience the Presence state for the full two days, including the breaks, meals & evenings.

Dates : April 22&23, May 20&21 2023

2 days on-site in the Rotterdam area
1 afternoon online techniques refresher (date to be determined)

€ 720*

* € 575 with limited-time discount code

1-on-1 Presence Coaching

All Coaching sessions apply the Presence to shift your life.
Life coaching, Presence coaching, Relationship coaching, Performance coaching.

One-on-one coaching trajectory. Presence techniques will be used to deepen the coaching sessions to a whole new level. In which all past and present struggles, all deepest desires and passions are welcomed, viewed and whenever necessary, easily transformed for the good. Presence coaching paves the way towards your soul-fulfilling life.

1 intake session of 45 minutes online
3 sessions of 1.5 hours (on-site / online)

€ 720*

* € 575 with limited-time discount code



About Reiner Bosman

Reinier is a master and starseed who made the Presence method his life’s work. Besides work as a Space & Civil Industry Specialist, he followed spiritual techniques and retreats for decades. As a result, he awakened around the age of 40, and shortly thereafter developed the Presence for Life method, unique in its kind. With inner peace in seconds, free of thoughts, effortless to maintain, robust against distraction and disturbance. The Presence gives all trainings and coachings a personal, profound, lasting, and accelerated resolving effect.

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